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The Community based savings program

The big box chains and large corporations are making it difficult for small business to thrive in our communities. NOWU$ is designed to reverse that concept, and push business back into our neighbourhoods.

Offset Your Union Dues

NOWU$ exists to offer it's members more savings than they spend in Union Dues each year.

Although Union Dues are tax deductable, being a member of a Union should offer you tangible benefits you can enjoy on a daily basis. Times are tough, and NOWU$ puts more money back in you and your families pocket.

NOWU$ offers it's members savings to local business they actually use, like; Restaurants, Auto Repair, Towing, Gym's, Clubs, Insurance, Wellness, and many more!

How do I join?

NOWU$ is offered to Union Members of the National Organized Workers Union (NOWU). If you aren't already a member of NOWU you can click here to join.

How NOWU$ Works

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Find a Discount

Choose a location from the list below, or the NOWU$ map.

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Show Your NOWU$ Card

Present your NOWU Membership card before you order / purchase.

Enjoy the Savings

It's that easy! The savings will be applied to your purchase.

Explore Discounts

The NOWU$ Discounts

Now for the important part. Listed below are discounts offered by NOWU$. Discounts are added frequently, so please check back for updates.

Full Discount Listing

Below is a listing of the current providers within the NOWU$ Savings Program. Some providers are currently in the process of being brought on board, which are also listed to show you upcoming discounts. Please check back for frequent updates.